Detail of Indian Textile

Cost and Procedure

Our fees are based on an hourly, daily,
or project rate, never on a percentage
of the value of the property. We can estimate the cost of an appraisal if you provide a detailed description of the nature and scope of the project, and the date by which it is needed.

Please visit our contact page. It would be most efficient if you have as much of the following information as possible:

  • Name and Address of Client (and/or responsible party)
  • Address of the property to be appraised;
  • Purpose of the Appraisal;
  • General description of the property, including, when known, the date(s) or period, where created, number of items;
  • Availability of supporting documentation, such as bill of sale, prior appraisals, literature or other references;
  • Date you need the completed report.

After the terms of engagement are mutually agreed to in writing, we commence the work. All our clients are accorded the utmost respect and confidentiality.